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Kitchen Sink Options

They say the kitchen lighting is comparable to the earrings of an outfit. I would say a statement sink can be just as important. Dont miss an opportunity to dress up your kitchen and add a unique flair to your project. Below I complied a few of my favorite kitchen...

Custom Color Appliances

I love the custom kitchens. Especially kitchens with custom appliances. Before you make a decision on new appliances, stick with me and consider some unique options. Kitchen appliances come in all different colors, lets consider some of the top brands first, and a...

Tips for sanding with a hand sander!

I am not fancy, I do not have a large shop with a large planer with fancy tools. I have to make do with what I have. Sanding a large butcher block area with a hand sander is not ideal,  but it CAN be done. I ordered two beautiful slabs of European Beach butcher block....

Cement Tile Sealer

Cement tile sealer is the most important part of installing cement tile. Ok, maybe not the most important, but it's up there. When we installed our tile, the sealer seemed like an afterthought. Oh boy was that a mistake! When choosing your tile, choose your sealer...

General Finishes Salad Bowl Review

Butcher block finish options are always a huge question for my clients. When I chose this finish, I chose it for my personal kitchen project. I wanted something my children could lay their snacks on and be confident chemicals were not leaching into their food. I...

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