I love the custom kitchens. Especially kitchens with custom appliances. Before you make a decision on new appliances, stick with me and consider some unique options.

Kitchen appliances come in all different colors, lets consider some of the top brands first, and a more affordable custom option for the typical homeowner.

This is s short summary of your options.


Of course no appliance blog post is complete without a Viking comparison. Viking is one of the most reputable and well-known commercial appliance manufacturers. With their classic design and unbeatable quality, Viking is always a solid option. However, there is one downfall when choosing Viking for custom colors. To my knowledge, custom viking colors outside of their basic colors, are difficult to come by and expensive.


SMEG has 11 different appliance lines. All with unique style and colors. My favorite aspect of the Smeg brand, is their endless choices of matching small appliances for your entire kitchen design to be flow flawlessly.



Big Chill has three appliance collections. Retro, Pro and Classic.


This particular brand is a high-end residential brand. Blue star lets you customize almost every aspect of your appliance selection. They have 750 color options and countless layout designs.

Disclaimer: I have not personally dealt with Blue Star appliances. I encourage you to read reviews before appliance purchase.

Custom Appliances

This is my favorite option for the typical homeowner, who can not swing a professional appliance collection. You get the affordable collection, with any color option you can dream up.

You pick a Pantone Color and I have a local shop transform your appliance into the custom color of your dreams. You can pick anything from Maytag to KitchenAid appliances and I create your dream kitchen! The cost is under $2000 to tranform all your existing appliances for this option! I can help you choose your appliances and your colors.  Call today for your quote. 503-410-4091


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