Cement tile sealer is the most important part of installing cement tile. Ok, maybe not the most important, but it’s up there.

When we installed our tile, the sealer seemed like an afterthought. Oh boy was that a mistake!

When choosing your tile, choose your sealer immediately. Our tile was installed less than 24 hours and 3 oil spots ruined two different tiles. Not really ruined, but they are visible.

My advice? Seal the tile as you lay it! Before grout! Then seal after the grout, seal it several times!

The sealer itself is amazing, if you apply it evening and throughly! Dont skimp on this stuff. When it is applied correctly, water pools up on the tiles and will not penetrate your tiles. Make sure to really let it soak into the grout too!



You can find it here (affiliate).

Below is a picture of the tile after 1 coat of sealer dried. It is not glossy and does not show any finish. It lets your tile be beautiful on its own.


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