Butcher block finish options are always a huge question for my clients. When I chose this finish, I chose it for my personal kitchen project.

I wanted something my children could lay their snacks on and be confident chemicals were not leaching into their food.

I researched options. I had worked with general finishes before, and I LOVE their products. They are easy to use and the very best durability.

I put on four coats over my European Beach butcher block. I absolutely love the color it brings out of the wood.

This salad bowl finish is NOT tinted in any way. It is a natural oil that will bring out the colors of your existing wood. It leaves a matte finish.

The Pros:

  • No chemicals!
  • Easy to wipe down.
  • Protects your butcher block.
  • Can lay food directly on the finish.

The Cons:

  • It does not protect against watermarks, stains, or general wear and tear.
  • Watermarks show easily.
  • Any food with color will stain the finish.
  • Monthly maintenance is required. (Cleaning and adding another coat)

Salad Bowl Finish



We have decided, even though the finish is absolutely wonderful, it does not fit our family. We will be sanding and applying a high gloss general finish product.

You can get the salad bowl finish here (affiliate).


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